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We offer two seminars, a large (in terms of participants), general seminar and a smaller, more specific one. The application and organization is the same for both, please clearly indicate in your application for which one you are applying.

1. Seminar Management Accounting [2579909] / Sommersemester

The objective of the course is to assist students to demonstrate understanding and expertise in specific topics in management accounting through completion and presentation of team research projects. In teams of two people, students will write a research paper and present the development and findings of this paper in the final week, both in English.

You have a lot of freedom to select your own topic. Students find this very motivating, but it also means you have to be able to work independently and efficiently.

Several meetings will be scheduled in April, May, and June. Attending those meetings is compulsory. Participation is limited to 10 students.

2. Seminar Management Accounting – Special Topics [2579919] / Sommer- and Wintersemester

The focus of this seminar is management accounting in R&D and new product development. Within this focus,you will choose your own topic, similar to the “main seminar”. This will require some independent working and creativity from your side. This topic lends itself very well to what we call “descriptive case studies”.

The organization will be similar to the “main seminar”. Several meetings will be scheduled in April, May, and June in the Sommersemester or October, November and December in the Wintersemester. Attending those meetings is compulsory. Participation is limited to 10 students.

  • Winter term 2020/21: Seminar in cooperation with Porsche AG 


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