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Teaching at the Chair of Human Resource Management


Prof. Nieken is on maternity leave until October. There are no office hours during maternity leave.

The lectures on Personnel Policies and Labor Market Institutions will be scheduled in a blocked format. The tutorials will be offered on a weekly basis starting from May 30 (Personnel Policies and Labor Market Institutions). The course Incentives in Organizations will not take place. Details about the schedule and the compact lectures will be given in the first lecture.

Applications for theses are possible during summer term. Note that Prof. Nieken will not sign learning agreements, letters of recommendation, or other forms during maternity leave.


Seminars in winter term 2018/2019

The Chair of Human Resource Management will be offering two seminars in winter term 2018/2019. For more details, please refer to the announcements below:


Modules and Courses

Bachelor Courses


Bachelor Module Human Resources and Organizations

  • Human Resource Management (Lecture No.: 2253003 and Tutorial No.: 253004), 4,5 ECTS – every winter term (Mandatory course)
  • Personnel Policies and Labor Market Institutions (Lecture No.: 2573001 and Tutorial No.:2573002), 4,5 ECTS – every summer term, also creditable in the module "Economic Policy I"


Other courses that are part of the module:

  • Managing Organizations (Prof. Dr. Hagen Lindstädt), (Lecture No.: 2577902), 3,5 ECTS - every winter term
  • Problem solving, communication and leadership (Prof. Dr. Hagen Lindstädt), (Lecture No.: 2577910), 2 ECTS, every summer term


Bachelor Foundation Business Administration

  • Strategic Management and Information Engineering and Management (Part Strategic Management, Lecture No.:  2600023), 3 ECTS – every winter term



Master courses


Incentives in Organizations (Lecture-No.: 2573003 and Tutorial No.: 2573004) 4,5 ECTS - every summer term; part of the modules:

  • Cross-functional Management Accounting
  • Microeconomic Theory
  • Applied Strategy Decisions
  • Experimental Economics


Seminars in the Seminar Module for Bachelor and Master

  • Seminar Human Resource Management (Seminar No.: 2573011), 3 ECTS – usually every term
  • Seminar Human Resources and Organizations (Seminar No.: 2573010), 3 ECTS – usually every term


Other Courses

  • Bachelor-/Master-/Diplomandenkolloquium "Research and Writing" (Colloquium accompanying theses, Lecture No.: 2574010) – every term
  • PhD-Seminar (Kolloquium, Lecture No.: 2520406) – every term
  • Workshop on Economics and Finance (Research Seminar, Lecture No.: 2521500) – every term



For detailed information please look at the module handbook.