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Teaching at the Chair of Human Resource Management


We offer all planned courses in a digital form. There will be no on campus lectures due to Covid-19.

You can find information on our digital formats and all course material on ILIAS.

Bachelor Courses

Bachelor Foundation Business Administration

  • Strategic Management and Information Engineering and Management (Part Strategic Management, Lecture No.:  2600023), 3 ECTS – every winter term

Bachelor Module Human Resources and Organizations

  • Human Resource Management (Lecture No.: 2573005 and Tutorial No.: 2573006), 4,5 ECTS – every winter term (Mandatory course)
  • Personnel Policies and Labor Market Institutions (Lecture No.: 2573001 and Tutorial No.:2573002), 4,5 ECTS – every summer term, also creditable in the module "Economic Policy I"

Other courses that are part of the module:

  • Managing Organizations (Prof. Dr. Hagen Lindstädt), (Lecture No.: 2577902), 3,5 ECTS – every winter term
  • Problem solving, communication and leadership (Prof. Dr. Hagen Lindstädt), (Lecture No.: 2577910), 2 ECTS – every summer term


  • Seminar Human Resource Management Bachelor (Seminar No.: 2573011), 3 ECTS – usually every term
  • Seminar Human Resources and Organizations Bachelor (Seminar No.: 2573010), 3 ECTS – usually every term

Teamproject Economy and Technology in Elective Module BUS/ENG or Electives

  • Teamproject 1 (Lecture No: ___________), 9 ECTS, usually every term
  • Teamproject 2 (Lecture No: ___________), 9 ECTS, usually every term

Further information on the format can be found here and during the registration phase an overview including a description of the projects in the Wiwi-Portal.


Master courses

Incentives in Organizations

Incentives in Organizations (Lecture-No.: 2573003 and Tutorial No.: 2573004) 4,5 ECTS – every summer term; part of the modules:

  • Cross-functional Management Accounting
  • Microeconomic Theory
  • Applied Strategy Decisions
  • Experimental Economics

Seminars in the Seminar Module for Bachelor and Master

  • Seminar Human Resource Management Master (Seminar No.: 2500006), 3 ECTS – usually every term
  • Seminar Human Resources and Organizations Master (Seminar No.: 2500007), 3 ECTS – usually every term


Other Courses

  • Colloquium Research and Writing (Colloquium, Lecture No.: 2573015) – every term
  • Colloquium People Analytics (Colloquium, Lecture No.: 2500012) – every term
  • Colloquium Human Resource Management (Colloquium, Lecture No.: 2500008) – every term
  • Brown Bag Seminar (Colloquium, Lecture No.: 2520406) – every term
  • Workshop on Economics and Finance (Research Seminar, Lecture No.: 2521500) – every term


For detailed information, please look at the module handbook.