Dr. Anja Kern

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Curriculum vitae

Dr. Anja Kern is professor of management at the DHBW Mosbach since December 2014. Before that, Dr. Kern was at Imperial College Business School in London, HEC Paris in Qatar, and LSE Health in London. Anja Kern obtained a PhD in 2006 jointly from the University of Stuttgart and the University Paris X/ESSEC. From 1996 to 2001 she was instructor at Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris III) und DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) in Paris. She has a double degree in business from the University of Mannheim and und ESSEC (1996), with a specialisation in logistics and healthcare management and a minor in American studies (literature, linguistics, history, sociology). She also has experience as management accountant in a hospital, performance manager in an international logistics department (1996-2001) and consultant for market studies.


Dr. Kern’s research focusses on management control, activity-based costing, and performance management.


At DHBW Mosbach, Dr. Kern teaches cost accounting, management control, organization, sustainability, and research methods. Her teaching is in German and in English. At the chair of Management Accounting at KIT, Dr. Kern has offered several seminars for students in the study program of Industrial Engineering and Management.


Articles published or accepted in peer-reviewed journals

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Commissioned reports

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Books and chapters

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