► Each exam is offered modularly after each semester.
    (depending on possibilities, in the last and/or in the penultimate VL week).

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Please pay attention to Bachelor, Master and Master's preference!

► Please come to the lecture halls early so that we have enough time for admission and
     We will post a list on ILIAS in time with the placement by matriculation numbers,   
     lecture halls and admission times.

Examination views (general information) / dates, see below in the table overview

Dates for exams / insights
Semester Title Exam / Date Time Registration Exam / Place Exam. Views
WS / SoS

Studierende bitte zu Semesterbeginn zügig im CAS/Campus anmelden

jedes WS

Studierende bitte zu Semesterbeginn zügig im CAS/Campus anmelden

WS 21/22 02.02.2022 18:00-20:00

Anmeldebeginn:  19.10.2021
Anmeldeschluss: 30.01.2022
Abmeldeschluss: 30.01.2022

WS 21/22 10.02.2022 18:00-20:00

Anmeldebeginn:  19.10.2021
Anmeldeschluss: 06.02.2022
Abmeldeschluss: 07.02.2022

Carl-Benz-HS; Bauing.,kl.HS; NTI
SoS 2022 20.07.2022


SoS 2022 25.07.2022


failure to appear for an examination

C.3 Missing the examination:
Absence without timely sign-out or failure to appear on time for the examination.
Any student who, after registering for an examination, fails to attend the examination without properly signing out, may be sanctioned with 5.0 - fail - for unexcused absence from the examination. (A few institutes do not apply this rule. It is advisable to enquire about this well in advance). If a candidate is late for an examination, it is at the discretion of the examining institute to treat the tardiness as a withdrawal from the examination or as a tardy, i.e. unexcused absence. Likewise, it is at the discretion of the examining institute to allow the candidate to take the examination late.
If a candidate asserts reasons for missing the examination, these must be submitted to the institute or the examination secretariat of the faculty without delay, at the latest 3 working days after the examination date.
If the reasons presented are acknowledged, the absence will subsequently be classified as an ordinary withdrawal.