Michael Pelz

Dr. Michael Pelz

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Michael Pelz joined the Chair of Management Accounting at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology as a PhD student and research assistant in 2015. His research addresses the use of management accounting in the context of entrepreneurship. His specific interest lies on the application of performance measurement in startup companies.

            Prior to his research at KIT, Michael worked as a management consultant in the German automotive industry. Due to his experience and interest in innovation, consulting, and automotive, he joined the Mercedes-Benz AG in 2018 after having completed his PhD thesis. His current focus lies on strategic project management in the development of electric vehicles.


How can Management Accounting be helpful for Startup Companies?

Our research addresses the central question of how management accounting can be helpful for startup companies. Prior research has found some evidence that startups can benefit from adopting methods of management accounting. Most of these studies have looked at either accounting-based control activities, financial accounting practices, or business planning. However, the literature remains unclear about how exactly management accounting can support startups.

            Moreover, apart from academic literature, we find many other sources that point to the relevance of management accounting in startups. We also observe from our own research that some startups perceive management accounting as helpful for their business.

            To increase our knowledge on the topic, we continuously look for startups that are either interested in management accounting research or the practical implementation of certain methods in their daily business, such as performance measurement. Please feel free to contact us for any request or opportunity (michael.pelz∂partner.kit.edu).


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