► We will offer all scheduled lectures. (Online/Presence)

► Teaching will be in English (books, slides, lectures and exercises).
     However, please feel free to ask questions during the lecture or
     to Professor Wouters by email.

► Please note Schedule deviations to the MA 1 and MA 2 lectures.
    You can only access them via ILIAS.


The exams of WS 2023/24 (MA 1+2) will be inspected on

Date -- . -- . 2024
Time Time slots to be booked via ILIAS
Place Building: 05.20 / Room: 2A-12.1

► Current information can be found under Exams

► Please always observe the general hygiene rules when viewing our exams

► The lecture period for the winter semester 2023/24: 10-23-2023 to 02-17-2024

Lecture-free period:

  • 12-24-2023 to 01-06-2024
  • 02-18-2024 to 03-31-2024

► Semester Duration: 10-01-2023 to 03-31-2024

End of the examination period: End of the Semester

Re-registration periods:

  • for the summer semester 15.01. - 15.02.
  • for the winter semester     01.07. - 15.08.


Since February 2023, the legal framework no longer provides for far-reaching coronavirus protection measures to be applied at KIT. Nevertheless, measures to protect against infection may still be useful, depending on the current situation.
Further information can be found under FAQ Coronavirus or on the pages of the KIT Medical Services (MED).