► We will offer all scheduled lectures. (Online/Presence)

► Teaching will be in English (books, slides, lectures and exercises).
     However, please feel free to ask questions during the lecture or
     to Professor Wouters by email.

► Please note Schedule deviations to the MA 1 and MA 2 lectures.
    You can only access them via ILIAS.


The exams of WoS 2021/22 (MA 1+2) will be inspected if the Corona conditions allow it,
on    28.04.2022. Geb. 05.20 / R: 2A-12.1

► Current information can be found here and on ILIAS

► Please follow the Corona hygiene procedures: AHA rules, Medical Mouth-Nose Protection, etc.

FAQ of the KIT on the corona virus


► The lecture period for the summer semester 2022 begins on 19.04.2022  and ends
     on 30.07.2022.
 ► Lecture-free period: 06.06.2022 - 11.06.2022

End of the examination period:

  • SoS 2022: 11.11.2022
  • WS 21/22: 12.05.2022

    (With the decision of the KIT Senate of October 19, 2020, the so-called extended
examination period applies for the last time in the summer semester 2022.)

Re-registration periods:

  • for the summer semester 15.01. - 15.02.
  • for the winter semester 01.07. - 15.08.