Foreign Recognitions

The study abroad should be an additional qualification, but not a substitute for the study in Karlsruhe.

For the module Management Accounting (MA) you can have courses credited either for the course MA 1 or the course MA 2. However, it is not possible to take courses abroad for both courses. This means that for our module Management Accounting you have to take one of the two courses with us.

We will only recognise courses in Management Accounting (Controlling), but not in Financial Accounting (External Accounting).

The study abroad should be at a reputable university. The scope of the course should be sufficient for the 4.5 LP to be substituted.

Grade-neutral recognition is not possible.

Seminars cannot be recognized.

Recognition process

Please conclude an agreement with us prior to your stay abroad. Learning Agreement learning agreement with us. The Learning Agreement must specify which course (MA 1 or MA 2) you will take with us at KIT and which you would like to replace with your stay abroad.
Only completely filled out applications can be examined by us. We will not give provisional recognition on the basis of incomplete documents. Once approved, a Learning Agreement is binding for us. (It facilitates our work with the final recognition).
In exceptional cases, a Learning Agreement can still be concluded after the stay abroad. (E.g. if the application could not be submitted completely before departure). In this case, the risk of recognition of academic achievements lies with you.

On the Wiwi-Portal you can apply for recognition under the following link:

Application Learning Agreement at IBU / LS Prof. Wouters resp. https://portal.

Please print out the "Schmuckblatt" and send it signed to us or come to our office to sign it.
► Corona: at the moment the online applications are sufficient.

This form is used by the IBU / MA to approve the Learning Agreement.

You should have the following documents ready for each of these:

  • Course descriptions abroad (official document of the university, max. 4 pages in German or English ). We will gladly sign off more than one course abroad in the LA, so that you have more flexibility in compiling your timetable on site.
  • Classification of course level: e.g. Master's programme, Bachelor's programme (official document of the university)
  • Proof of course scope (official document of the university) and conversion of course credits into ECTS.
    Our academic year has 60 ECTS or LP. Please indicate how many LP/ECTS/credits (or other "points") must be earned in the program there per year.
  • Specify course to be taken with us, MA 1 or MA 2

Final recognition

After the stay abroad the final approval with grade.

Required documents / evidence:

We ask you to submit all documents once in the original to our office.

You are welcome to send all completed forms and certificates in advance by e-mail in order to ensure quick processing.

IMPORTANT! Please include the module and the achievement/placement in the study schedule. Otherwise their recognition cannot be properly booked or processed.

If you have further questions, please write an email to: Nadine.Fleischer∂

Please allow two weeks for each step of the process.