Teaching at the Institute of Management

Studium und Lehre

The Institute of Management is an important part of the management education at KIT. We primarily concentrate on the transfer of knowledge and skills in the area of management, with a focus on controlling, organization, human resources, and strategy, for students of all disciplines.

Our focus lies on teaching problem solving skills as well as the ability to understand complex relationships and develop directions for action. The courses will enable our students to extract relevant information from available quantitative or qualitative data to evaluate decisions with respect to company value. We analyze and discuss strategic, operative as well as (decision-) theoretical and microeconomic approaches in class. A special focus lies on teaching and discussing concepts and approaches from management, microeconomics, and behavioral economics.

Besides leading a company, possible jobs for applying the knowledge can be found in all strategic departments of a company, for instance in controlling, human resource management, corporate strategy and development, as well as senior executive assistant or consultant.