Management Accounting: Supporting innovation management

We see innovation as the application of technological inventions for products and services that are successful in the marketplace or, more generally, adopted by users-making technology work. KIT is bustling with technological inventions. Getting these actually used for solving problems and creating new opportunities in society, that's how we understand KIT's innovation objective.

Innovation does not happen automatically. Beyond technology, innovation requires innovation management. We can help organizations to better manage innovation with management accounting in a number of ways:

  • Thesis projects in startups: Students who are involved in technology-based startup activities can conduct their final thesis as an external project in the new venture. We are open to many different topics, because our research and teaching includes the topic how technology startups can improve innovation with the help of management accounting information. Link
  • Management practice research: We write for practitioners to support the transfer of business research to practice, in particular about customer value propositions, marketing, and innovation. This work has been published in the world-leading management practice journals Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, and California Management Review.
  • Research with companies: We work together with companies in joint research projects. A prime example is the current cooperation with Audi AG in management accounting for product development.

Innovation - Begrünung in Karlsruhe Foto: Stadt Karlsruhe