Management accounting


We offer several courses in management accounting. We teach management accounting in the context of operations and innovation. Students gain an understanding of specific management accounting techniques and the purposes for which these can be used, and students can also apply these management accounting techniques.

Due to the current situation (Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2), there may be changes in the organization of the courses and in the way the courses are held in the winter term 2021/22.
More details will be available on our website and ILIAS soon.


In the case of face-to-face courses:

Please consider for the lecture dates of Management Accounting 1 and 2
some schedule deviations.

The exact Sequence of lecture + exerciseyou can only get via ILIAS retrieve.


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Courses for the module "Controlling" (Management Accounting):
  • "Management Accounting 1" - with 4.5 LP (4 SWS) - on a rotational basis in the summer semester.
    LV 2579900: Lecture
    LV 2579901: Exercise for Bachelor
    LV 2579902: Exercise for Master
  • "Management Accounting 2"- with 4,5 LP (4 SWS) - regularly in winter semester
    LV 2579903: Lecture
    LV 2579904: Exercise for Bachelor
    LV 2579905: exercise for Master

Please note that there are separate tutorials for Bachelor and Master students for the lecture Management Accounting.

Courses which are not part of the module "Controlling" (Management Accounting)":
  • Seminar "Management Accounting" ("Controlling for Industrial Engineers")
    LV-Nr. 2579909: with 3 LP (2 SWS) - only in summer semester
  • Seminar "Management Accounting - Special Topics".
    LV-Nr. 2579919: with 3 LP (2 SWS) - every semester
  • Course "Management Accounting Research & Writing
    LV-No. 2579906: (2 SWS) - every semester


Course for Master's degree programmes in Industrial Engineering and Management and TVWL in the module "Cross-functional Management Accounting":
  • Course "Advanced Management Accounting"
    LV-Nr. 2579907: with 4,5 LP (4 SWS) - only in winter semester
    "The course is for Master students and addresses several topics where management accounting is strongly related to marketing, finance, or organization and strategy, such as customer value propositions, financial performance measures, managing new product development, and technology investment decisions. Some of these topics have been introduced in MA 1 or MA 2 and this course goes deeper. Other topics are newly introduced in this course."

► More detailed information on the module can be found in the current module handbooks.

► Students interested in participating in this course should send an email
     to Professor Wouters in advance. marc.wouters∂


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