Market Orientation: Overcoming emergent barriers toward the implementation of market orientation in high-technology firms

  • Typ:Bachelor's thesis
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    Susana Morales

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  • Market orientation (MO) has received much attention in recent years and has
    become an essential topic in today's business world. MO is a marketing concept
    which many companies implement and follow to survive in the current economical
    environment. But the problem is that many companies do not know what MO means
    and how it is implemented successfully. Specifically, the implementation of it in hightechnology
    firms has been less investigated to date. Thus, less work has been done
    to support the high-technology firms in becoming more market-oriented internally. A
    firm’s MO entails both an internal and an external perspective. The enhancement of
    the processes of intelligence generation, intelligence dissemination and the
    responsiveness to the generated and disseminated intelligence are the key figures of
    an internal MO. This paper’s focus is on the development of an internal market
    orientation in a high-technology context by considering the antecedents of MO as
    potential barriers toward its implementation. The results show that a change towards
    a new market-oriented firm philosophy expects a change in a firm’s structure and
    processes. Moreover, the behaviour, emphasis and commitment of the management
    and the employees play a crucial role for the successful market orientation
    development within a high-technology firm. The role of a knowledge management
    system is shown in this study as well as the characteristics of such firms, acting in
    the high-technology sector.