Crafting a Customer Value Proposition for a Startup -

  • Typ:Bachelor's thesis
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    Markus Kirchberger

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  • This paper implements the process of crafting a customer value proposition (CVP) for a startup

    developing a product based on new technology. Moreover, it makes observations of procedures within

    and the impact on the company during the case period. Theoretical implications are made based on

    case results to extend the literature in this field of study. Research is based on a case study conducted

    with interventionist research. A CVP is a powerful way of expressing the value delivered to the

    customer. If developed successfully, it can be used to convince, and thus turn potential customers into

    actual customers. CVPs generally rely on quantification with the goal of expressing customer value in

    monetary terms. Yet for startups, especially with certain types of products, value quantification can

    present a tough challenge. It is the aim of the case study to question this process by trying to develop a

    CVP for a startup.