How does Management Accounting, Performance Measurement & Management and the Attraction of Key Resources help Entrepreneurship?

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    Michael Pelz

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  • The purpose of this literature review is to understand how management accounting and performance measurement and management (MA&PMM) and the attraction of key resources help in entrepreneurship. These are two very important topics but the research isn’t clear on how they should be used effectively in startups and if there is a connection between the two of them. Results from the systematic review conducted in 50 papers from three leading entrepreneurship journals show that MA&PMM account for proper business planning which is necessary to help the entrepreneurs to get past the startup phase through the better attraction and management of key resources for their business. Especially the attraction and management of financial resources are one of the most important tasks for an entrepreneur. In order to stay on track with the financial goals of the business, entrepreneurs should in most cases only focus on the profitability as a key performance measure in the beginning of the business. For an entrepreneur it’s also really important to build his social network because of the better access to a broad set of knowledge and resources.