Which role does the attraction of resources play for startup companies? – A literature review with focus on the resource-based view and resource dependence theory

  • Typ:Bachelor's thesis
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    Michael Pelz

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  • This literature review illustrates antecedents and consequences of the attraction of financial,
    human, social and technological resources in startups. In the process, we also highlight the
    use of the resource-based view and the resource dependence theory in the academic
    literature on the topic. Until now, most of the literature on the attraction of resources has
    focused on established companies. Portraying the diverse correlations of resource attraction
    in young, recently founded companies in a comprehensible structure, therefore, expands the
    current state of knowledge. The results of our research suggest that along many other
    factors especially the characteristics of the entrepreneurs and the existence of business ties
    simplify the attraction of key resources. A successful attraction of either one of the four key
    resources, subsequently, leads to a better firm performance.