A Predictive Analytics Approach to Operational Planning within the Automotive Financial Services Industry

  • Typ:Master's thesis
  • Betreuer:

    Ana Mickovic

  • Zusatzfeld:


  • Budgeting criticism has been around for a while - likewise the resulting management control
    philosophy "Beyond Budgeting". The purpose of this paper is to explore the adoption of new
    methods in modern companies' operational planning processes. I therefore conduct a field
    study within a manufacturer owned financial services corporation that recently changed its
    operational planning process. My findings suggest that several principles of the Beyond
    Budgeting philosophy have found their way into the organization without completely
    replacing traditional budgeting methods. By offering an in-depth look at the core of the case
    company's new operational planning process, a statistical rolling forecast, I extent current
    literature with an exemplary description of a modern and sophisticated management control