Is the use of management accounting in startups a paradox? – A systematic literature review of how static management accounting practices can help dynamic startups

  • Typ:Bachelor's thesis
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    Michael Pelz

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  • This paper uses a systematic literature review to study the antecedents and consequences of
    management accounting in startup companies. Most literature focuses on large enterprises because
    it is generally assumed that the adoption of static management accounting is counterproductive in
    small dynamic firms. However, some authors state the contrary as to why we examine the existing
    empirical literature on this topic to create a wider base of knowledge. Our results indicate that the
    entrepreneur´s personal, professional and the firm´s characteristics affect the timing of adoption of
    MA and thereupon show beneficial implications to a startup. Besides the positive impact of venture
    survival, startups that used management accounting practices such as budgeting, financial planning
    and cost control, achieved higher performance levels in terms of growth