Providing practical example using a Customer Value Proposition in healthcare: a case study

  • Typ:Master's thesis
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    Marc Wouters

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  • New technology-based firms (NTBF) focus on technology commercialization, so bringing an technological innovation to the market. Deriving the benefit of a technology with the eyes of the customer compared to their existing solutions is a promising approach for adapting a market offer to what customers value. This research gives empirical evidence in an explanatory case study at a NTBF in healthcare thus supporting prior theory development. The process of how using a customer value proposition (CVP) influences market offering changes by crafting two CVPs for two related customer segments is being focused. A fully transparent step by step quantification and monetization towards a next best alternative (NBA) is shown. It is also demonstrated how using a CVP encourages in-detail learning about a customer decision-making space and thus alternatives considered. Furthermore, this research contributes to the literature by showing a CVP as an integrative device supporting knowledge integration and transformation across interorganizational boundaries and limiting the need for knowledge sharing to what drives value to a customer.