Financial evaluation of marketing investments – Literature review

  • Typ:Bachelor's thesis
  • Betreuer:

    Marc Wouters

  • The issue of financial evaluation of marketing investments has led to a
    high quantity of different metrics and measurements in the modern
    literature. In this research the literature is systematically examined for
    various metrics and structures to provide an overview of the currently
    known approaches and offer managers different possibilities to argue
    for their next marketing investments. In order to carry this out conscientiously,
    the focus of this literature review is on customer value creation
    of marketing investments involving only brand effects which influence
    customer equity. To ensure the quality of the reviewed paper, only papers
    which are ranked by the German Academic Association for Business
    Research are reviewed. The results show that the approach of customer
    lifetime value summed up to customer equity and modified by
    multiple possible additions (e.g. word of mouth multiplier or the value
    of satisfaction) has emerged as generally preferred way to assess the
    financial value of customer related marketing investments. Different
    segmentations and budgets are also important components and implementable
    by presented approaches. The usage of individual metrics that
    relate specifically to individual marketing activities can complement the
    measurement and offers another insight in high spending marketing
    activities. Finally, the paper also investigates external influences of the
    environment like country specific cultures and politics. This completes
    the overview of the existing approaches and their significance, when
    the topic of financial evaluation of marketing investments emerges in
    the next important meeting.