Customer Value Proposition as a tool for interorganizational communication: a case study

  • Typ:Bachelor's thesis
  • Betreuer:

    Marc Wouters

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  • New technology-based firms often consist of a small group of experts with
    innovative technology. The commercialization of technology is one of the
    most significant challenges for those firms. Deriving products and services
    from the innovation is a crucial task for identifying market offerings that are
    valuable to customers. However, the knowledge for finding a valuable
    application is often spread among the new firm, customers, and business
    partners. This case study at a new technology-based firm explores how
    customer collaboration can lead to identifying and developing a valuable
    market offering. First, it is demonstrated how a customer value proposition
    is crafted, quantified in monetary terms, and compared to the next best
    alternative. Second, the study shows how value propositions result in a
    profound understanding of the customer and generate constructive,
    collaborative relationships. Third, the research contributes to the literature by
    showing customer value propositions as integrating devices for knowledge
    transfer between companies. The case study details practical examples of
    how using a customer value proposition can support market offering change
    by focussing customer collaboration.