Designing and Implementing a Strategic Management Concept in an High-Tech SME

  • Typ:Bachelor's thesis
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    Frederik Riar

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  • Although extant literature on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) suggests that strategic
    management positively affects organizational outcomes, evidence supporting this suggestion is limited to a
    few qualitative case studies. As many SMEs struggle with limited access to resources and with it no
    opportunity to enact a large and complex strategic management concept. This thesis develops a strategic
    management concept that considers these limitations. Drawing on resource- related arguments this study
    presents a framework for how a strategic management concept can be designed and implemented at an
    high-tech SME.
    Methods: A single case study at a German technology company was applied, in which the strategy was
    formulated with the strengths-, weaknesses-, opportunities- and threats- (SWOT) analysis and further, the
    strategy was employed with the Balanced Scorecard. Therefore, an expert interview with the chief
    execution officer (CEO) was conducted, and a team out of high-level employees of the enterprise was
    assembled to discuss the steps of the developing processes.
    Results: As it was possible to design and implement a framework that includes strategy -formulation and -
    implementation with limited resources of the case company, this study extends the literature by providing a
    reference case for other companies, especially SMEs. Furthermore, the paper provides evidence how the
    SWOT analysis and BSC theories can be applicated in a practical case.
    Keywords: Strategic Management, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, SME, SWOT analysis, the Balanced
    Scorecard, Strategic Planning