The Relationship between the Adaption of Management Accounting Systems and Entrepreneurial Passion: A quantitative Analysis

  • Typ:Master's thesis
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    Frederik Riar

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  • This quantitative study was induced to research the connections between the fields of management accounting and entrepreneurial passion. The research questions which set the focus for this paper concern the effect of the adaption of management accounting systems on the common types of entrepreneurial passion. To elaborate a suitable model, past literature with a focus on the definition of passion, entrepreneurial passion, and management accounting systems was reviewed. Based on research findings of previous studies the hypotheses were developed. They examine the effect of the adaption of management accounting systems on entrepreneurial passion as well as a possible moderating effect of managerial experience. By conducting an online survey, we received a sample consisting of answers from 192 German entrepreneurs. The presented hypotheses were tested with multiple linear regressions and revealed that establishing management accounting systems in a startup business does have significant effects on the three entrepreneurial passion types. A moderating effect of managerial experience could not be proved. The discussion session finally sets incentives for future research.