Literature Review on Methods Providing Information on Energy Costs

  • Typ:Bachelor's thesis
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    Philip Dickemann

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  • An overview of energy costs in accounting methods. By focusing on the input cost factors, the accounting systems, and application scenarios provided by the literature. Furthermore we analyse, which challenges face companies when implementing new accounting methods, but also, the success of accounting methods regarding energy presented in literature. To answer these questions and focus points, we conducted a systematic literature review with a final set of 32 papers from 19 journals. It stands out that there are two different approaches in the literature. First 17 papers that present or adjust an accounting method. On the other side, 15 papers apply accounting methods and analyse the results. The most striking effect is that almost no article focuses on energy costs and treats it like one factor. Also overrepresented in the literature are the energy price and the integration of MFCA into companies. Environmental accounting approaches or specific energy cost accounting is almost only theoretically explained or developed but not applied in a case study. Additionally, the most applied scenarios for accounting methods regarding energy costs are cost reduction, environmental costs, or investments. Looking at the findings regarding the challenges, it is clear that a data allocation system is necessary for efficient energy cost accounting. On the other hand, case studies report success in cost reduction and increase in energy efficiency after integrating new Methods.