The Leadership Quarterly Best Article Award 2021

Prof. Petra Nieken has been awarded the best article award from the journal The Leadership Quarterly with the paper: How (not) to motivate online workers: Two controlled field experiments on leadership in the gig economy. with co-authors Sebastian Fest, Ola Kvaløy and Anja Schöttner.

This is an excellent recognition from the world’s leading researchers on leadership, Nieken says.

The paper presents results from two large-scale experiments on Amazon Mechanical Turk investigating the effects of monetary rewards and soft leadership techniques with a focus on charismatic communication on output quantity and quality.

The Leadership Quarterly is a bimonthly peer-reviewed multidisciplinary social science journal and one of the world's leading journals in management research. It has a broad focus and publishes papers from various fields and disciplinary perspectives.

The award includes a citation, cash award and an invitation to visit CCL (Center of Creative Leadership).