Dr. Maximilian Sandholzer

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Maximilian Sandholzer started working and researching at the chair in April 2012 as a student research and teaching assistant during his studies of Industrial Engineering and Management at the KIT. During his Bachelor and Master studies, he gained professional experience as a student consultant and during as an intern at Daimler, The Boston Consulting Group and Volkswagen Consulting China. He also was an exchange student at Tsinghua University, Beijing during his master studies. Upon completion of his Master degree, he completed his doctoral thesis project at the University of Leipzig and then started working for the Boston Consulting Group in Munich.


Cost of ownership in the semiconductor industry
Calculations for cost of ownership (COO) play a mediating role in the semiconductor industry in a public setting (e.g. when evaluating the next generations of manufacturing technology) and in a private setting (e.g. when making equipment purchasing decisions). Furthermore, a standard for the calculation of COO is existent in the semiconductor industry, which provides one of the rare examples of an established industry-wide standard for management accounting. Our research therefore took a closer look at this standard from two perspectives: the mediating capacity of the standard, and the history of developing the SEMI E10 standard.


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