Dr. Markus Kirchberger


I started working at the chair in May 2012. Before that I graduated at KIT, obtaining the degree "Diplom Wirtschaftsingenieur". During my studies I was active in various student organizations, boards, and committees of the faculty and the KIT. I gained professional experiences as an intern, working student, and through my diploma thesis at: Audi AG; Dr. Wieselhuber & Partner; EADS; Porsche AG; Volkswagen AG.
I completed my thesis project in 2015. Currently I am working at CARIAD.



Effects of Crafting a Customer Value Proposition on the Technology Commercialization Process of High-Tech Innovations
The general problem addressed in our research is the usage of Customer Value Propositions in innovation and technology commercialization. We often see that high-tech innovations may have new and unique features, but still fail to provide additional customer value, compared to existing solutions. In our research we try to understand how Customer Value Propositions can support the innovation process and help generating products which are more valuable to customers.
To answer our research questions and test our hypotheses we are conducting field research at companies which are involved in technology commercialization. We accompany and support this process in the companies, by crafting a CVP for the technology they are working on. This process is done in two steps: first, we build an initial approach for crafting a CVP from the existing literature and practices. Second, by testing this approach in the companies, we cooperate with; we are adapting it to the needs of practitioners.
We are always interested to get in touch with companies which are either commercializing new technology or working with technology start-ups to add to their technology portfolio. Should you be interested in our research please contact me.
Coming from the sphere of management accounting, I am especially interested in quantification of customer value and the effect numbers have on communication between technology ventures and their customers.


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