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Understanding Entrepreneurial Passion: How and why does it change over time?

  • Typ:Bachelor-/Masterarb.
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    Frederik Riar

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  • The concept of entrepreneurial passion has begun to fascinate an increasing number of scholars. Entrepreneurial passion is defined as “consciously accessible, positive feelings” that result from “engagement in activities that have identity meaning and salience to the entrepreneur.” (Cardon et al., 2009, p. 517). The literature has identified a number of antecedents as well as outcomes of entrepreneurial passion. Building on the insights from this work, we invite students to apply for two different research projects as their final thesis:

    This project aims to develop a better understanding whether and how entrepreneurial passion develops over time, and which factors or events (e.g., achieving certain milestones, winning an award, receiving financing, etc.) in a start-up change the entrepreneurs’ passion.  This project requires the student writing the thesis to find one or a few start-ups to cooperate in this research project, e.g. for data collection purposes such as conducting interviews, getting access to documents, participating in the daily work of the entrepreneurs, etc.