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Crafting a Customer Value Proposition for a Start-up

  • Typ:Bachelorarbeit
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    Markus Kirchberger

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  • This paper describes the process of crafting a customer value proposition in a new technology based

    start-up. Customer value propositions have become an important tool in product commercialization

    processes. Showing the buyer what the product is worth in monetary terms appears to be more

    promising than just assuring to provide superior value. Other benefits of a customer value

    proposition are the better understanding of one’s product, the market and the customer’s business

    models. These effects seem to be especially beneficial for new technology based start-ups with little

    product and market experience, yet there has not been a lot of research done. This study attempts to

    evaluate the process of crafting a customer value proposition in one of these start-ups. Therefore, a

    case study was conducted using interventionist research over a period of three months.