Modular Design, Component Commonality and Product Platforms and their Implications for Cost Management: A Literature Review

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    Frank Stadtherr

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  • Purpose – The objective of this literature review is to provide an overview of the research from outside management accounting literature on the cost management methods component commonality, modular design and product platforms. Emphasis is put on the cost implications and key factors for success. This paper aims to increase the understanding of possible challenges arising from modularity and describe affected industries.

    Methodology / approach – This research covers 16 journals from outside management accounting literature in the period from 1990 until December 2014. The research is conducted through Google Scholar.

    Findings –134 papers are vital for the research aim and therefore included in the tables. 32 of those are paying attention to at least two of the three cost management methods, but are only included in the table of the method, which the paper most focused on. Overall, modularity receives most attention in the reviewed literature. Within the pool of journals considered, ‘IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management’ is the most referenced journal throughout all cost management methods.

    Research limitations / implications – While concentrating on literature from outside management accounting, some accounting-specific information is expected to have been missed. Furthermore, most general statements and findings were made before the year 1990. However, this content has not been completely missed as later research refers to those statements as well.

    Originality / value – This literature review focuses on three management accounting methods analysed outside management accounting literature and thus complements pure management accounting literature. A constant relation between financial and non-financial aims is made.


    Modularity, modular design, component commonality, product platforms, cost management